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Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows mentored (driven mental) by Colin Fox


Name Position Start Date Project
Albert Parker post-doctoral fellow (NZIMA) 2007 Fast Sampling of Gaussians
Hyuck Chung post-doctoral fellow 2008 Sound Transmission in Timber Construction
Erfang Ma PhD (Physics) 2008 MCMC for EIT
Tiangang Cui PhD (Eng.Sci.) 2007 MCMC for Geothermal Models

Past on

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Student Degree Co-supervisor Year Thesis title Awards
Mike Meylan PhD (Math) Vernon Squire 1993 The Behaviour of Sea Ice in Ocean Waves
Mark Poletti PhD(Acoust) George Dodd 1999 The Performance of Multi-channel Sound Systems Mark was awarded best thesis in Architecture, University of Auckland
Grant Emms PhD (Math) 2000 Active Sound Power Absorbers
Hyuck Chung PhD (Math) 2002 Mathematical Studies of Wave Propagation in Sea-Ice
Daniel Watzenig PhD (Dipl.-Ing.) Bernhard Brandstätter 2006 Bayesian Inference for Process Tomography from Measured Electrical Capacitance Data Daniel won AHMT (Arbeitskreis der Hochschullehrer Messtechnik) prize for his PhD in 2007
Debashish Roy PhD (Math) Geoff Nicholls 2006 Bayesian computation and analysis
Steven Verrel MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1992
Grant Emms MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1993
Nicolas Dauchez Stage (DEA) George Dodd 1993
Christophe Restat Stage (DEA) George Dodd 1994
Ian Whaley MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1995
Nathaniel de Lautour MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1995
Tessa Phillips MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1996
Lara Wilcocks MSc (Physics) 1996 (incomplete)
Hyuck Chung MSc (Math) 1997
Lin O’Driscoll MSc (Math) Chris Tindle 1997
Michael Fleming MSc (Physics) Gary Bold Sze Tan 1997
Nigel Ellis MSc (Physics) Sze Tan 1998
Mathias Palm MSc (Math) Geoff Nicholls 1998
Hugh Sorby MSc (Math) Geoff Nicholls 1999
Edward Rosser MSc (Math) Geoff Nicholls 2000
Jeong Eun (Kate) Lee MSc (Math) Geoff Nicholls 2004
Tiangang Cui MEng Geoff Nicholls 2005
Christian Schwarzl Masters (TuG) Daniel Watzenig 2007